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for comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

The products highlighted here make your life easier, add pleasure and provide convenience. Once you’ve had any one of these systems at your disposal, it will be hard to live without it in any future living space.

  • Smart remotes that are open to growth and can be used to control almost anything in your home to promote efficient use of energy and greater pleasure from entertainment systems.
  • Interface with audio equipment, locks, alarms, blinds, lighting, thermostats video door intercom and much more
  • Answer your front door with your smart phone no matter where you are.
  • Close blinds automatically when the room gets too hot.
  • Control lighting throught the home with the push of a single button.
  • Achieve Clean Walls with automated wall light switches in major rooms.
  • Control complicated entertaiment equipment with minimal effort.
  • Make it look like you are home with lighting changes in different rooms.
  • Control your lawn sprinklers to minimize your water use and waste.
  • Use any TV in the house as a control monitor
  • Signal the kids its time for dinner by powering down the video game.
  • Know who unlocked the front door and turn on their favorite music.
  • Monitor power use in the home by the circuit to see where the inefficiencies are.
  • Get a system produced text when the housekeeper arrives and leaves or on other important activities.
  • Let the UPS man in and arm, lock behind him all from your phone.
  • Remotely control your garage rollup and get status confirmation that its closed.
  • The possibilities are endless!